Mission: Project VALOR

In partnership with FEMA, dedicated teams of Veterans Response volunteers worked on rebuilding homes across Puerto Rico. Replacing roofs, doors and windows is like replacing hope, security and comfort to so many families.

Months after the Hurricanes Irma and Maria swept through Puerto Rico…the island continued to rebuild and with the help of FEMA Project VALOR was initiated. Project VALOR’s main directive was to rebuild damaged homes, eliminating the Blue Tarps that served as roofs for thousands of homes.

With the help of localized and national charities, NGOs, and VOADS, “Blue Tarp” homes were evaluated and documented for assistance and rebuilding. Equipment and materials were matched with contractors who managed each rebuild, once completed, receipts, site visits and photos were submitted to FEMA. Veterans Response was able to help almost 20 families rebuild their homes, replace roofs and leave behind hope for the coming hurricane season.

The Project VALOR program is winding down. A huge success for Puerto Rico.