How We Serve

Veterans Response is uniquely qualified to provide nimble, innovative and technologically savvy solutions to help communities rebuild after disasters.

Providing Clean Drinking Water In Disaster Zones

After a hurricane or other natural disaster, access to potable water is an immediate and acute need, as sources of drinking water may be destroyed or contaminated. When we deploy, our first priority is to provide clean, safe drinking water.

In the field, we use the DIVVY 250 water purification system from Aquamira Technologies to provide safe drinking water. All we need is a source of fresh water, contaminated or not: a pond, lake, river, even a swimming pool. Our volunteers set up the system in the field and hand-pump water, which the DIVVY system chemically purifies.

Our long-term goal is to provide a sustainable supply of potable water for these communities. Once we’ve set up the system and addressed the immediate need, we train people in the local municipality to keep the system working. In areas with long-term needs, we’ll vet, appoint and train a “DIVVY Ambassador” to monitor and maintain the system.

Sustainability is always a priority from both an environmental and humanitarian perspective. We bring reusable water bottles so communities we help aren’t buried in disposable bottles in the wake of a disaster.

Other Disaster Relief Services

Working alongside FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and various non-governmental organization (NGO) partners, we are committed to providing hands-on relief to communities affected by disasters. We distribute food, basic needs and relief supplies, and we also help to rebuild and restore homes damaged by disasters.